Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a shitty easter.

since easter is this sunday,
i've taken the opportunity to talk about it
with some of my classes.
the youngest and the oldest
everyone has something to say.

in france, tradition is that
les cloches
bring the easter candy to little children
anxiously waiting easter morning.
not an easter bunny
although you see rabbits everywhere anyway

all the boulangeries
 and patisseries
are filled with chocolate fish
chocolate ducks
chocolate bears

i decided to not necessarily go into 
the religious side of easter,
but rather let the kids bring it up if they wanted to.
which most of them did

they explained to me that jesus was
three days after he died. 

in one of my 6ièmes classes, the youngest ones
a curious boy interrogated me
'madame, why are we talking about rabbits is it's about jesus?'
how do i describe that to a ten year old?
even in my own language, i feel weird about it

while i was still pondering how to answer this curious guy
the class started yelling out their own thoughts
'maybe jesus and the rabbits deliver the eggs together'
'but why do we have eggs? where do they come from?'

and then came the show stopper
from the corner
un petit malin
who yelled out

'non, non, ce sont des lapins qui chient des oeufs!'
apparently, the rabbits shit the eggs, and then deliver them.

originale, n'est-ce pas?
the class all looked at me
wanting to laugh
knowing they shouldn't

that little guy had a note written to his parents that day
but i have to say
A for Creativity

although if that were the case, 
i think we would enjoy easter egg hunts a lot less...




D said...

Qu'est-ce qu'un concept merde de poulet


D said...

les œufs sont un signe de la nouvelle naissance

D said...

Qu'est-ce que vous avez à manger de la merde au chocolat

D said...

Joyeuses Pâques

D said...

vous avez vraiment envoyé une note à la maison des parents?

D said...

J'ai trouvé Google Translate sur internet et je peux écouter ce que j'écris.
Je me demande si elle se traduit très bien?

D said...

bonne nuit

D said...

Hmmm... always be careful who you share your password with...


alli said...

alors... i'll go in order:
what is a concept, chicken shit.
eggs are a sign of new birth.
what do you have to eat chocolate shit
happy easter.
did you really send a note to the house of the parents?
i found google translate on the internet and I can hear what I write.
I wonder if she translates very good.
Good night.

And I would agree with the password comment. Mayyyybe time to change it!

food for thought.

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