Tuesday, March 9, 2010

what kind of normal?

ever stopped to think how your life changes?
what you consider normal, or what once was?
putting on a left shoe first or the right.
peanut butter toast with a cup of coffee.
or granola and yogurt with green tea.
having 16 hours of class a week.
12 hours of work a week, instead.

sometimes changes are incredibly obvious.
moving 1500 miles across the country 6 weeks into high school.
having an address in another country.

other times nearly imperceptible.
thinking in a different language.
a different fruit at the supermarket.
a new favorite color.

but are the only important changes, the ones that are startlingly obvious?

i like to believe that changes... the important ones 
start as a very small
teeny tiny voice
with no chance to pinpoint.

over time they grow, until 
one day with no pressure or prompting
you just know.
something has changed.
i know it's not always like that though.

i think there's something romantic in the thought, the belief
that sometimes the smallest seemingly insignificant things 
are really the heart of everything.

so listen closely
look twice
what's changing in your life?
what's normal now that wasn't before?



you will laugh at me when i tell you how i thought of this post.
because it wasn't technically anything small

when i was unlocking my bike today to ride home from work
i heard something loud and boisterous rolling down the road.
a diesel motor chugging against the wind
and without looking i knew what it was

six months ago, i would not have thought that was normal. 
but today i could have told you without looking.
odd how perceptions change, isn't it.



D said...

So life without change would be abnormal?

You moved 1800 miles 6 weeks into nursery school too :-) At least you didn't have to drive over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge any more!

No need to thank us.


alli said...

think maybe i could even count that as 3600 miles, because it was nearly roundtrip!

D said...

LOL... how true. You did get to stand on your first volcano and first glacier though.


food for thought.

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