Tuesday, February 1, 2011


i saw this posted on facebook this morning,
and had to share.
this is what i try to understand everyday.

if you recognize the 'french from france' accent,
listen to how different this is.  
'mat-teahhn' instead of 'matin'
lots of 'c'est ça luh's
and even just the lilt of the conversation is different.

take a listen!
do you understand anything?




Stéphane Danré said...

Ooooh yes, every day I have a comprenhension exercice.
I'm not sure if it's harder to understand english or quebecois...

Lesson 1 : http://www.radionrj.ca/montreal/musique/playerMP3/?id=61555&titre=1%20f%C3%A9v.%20Actu%20Chatter&table=multimedia&dartSite=remontreal

Good luck

Genevieve said...

hahahaha. DUDE. When she says numbers... cent soixante cinq...

sounds like they got some Southerners and taught them French!!!!! Daaaaaaaang.

Genevieve said...

but my favorite is when she says "popCORRn"

col dog said...

she sounds like a goose.

col dog said...

listen at 0:47. it sounds like she is dodging train cars

food for thought.

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