Wednesday, February 23, 2011


red cardigan: zara
white t-shirt: h&m
shorts: jcrew
tights: sears
scarft: aerie
bracelet: vintage from grandma

today's outfit was cozy and comfy.
i barely ever wear that scarf,
which is really odd since i LOVE the colors
and it's a lightweight fabric which would be perfect for the spring and summer.
instead, i chose to wear it in february. logical.

today seemed way longer than it actually was. 
two meetings, with work in between.
remind me never to work the 2-7pm shift again.
i am WAY more productive in the morning.

it was absolutely gorgeous today, 
but quite crisp.
i took the bus and walked halfway to campus,
as i tend to do when the weather is nice.
walking along in the sun with some music
is such a fabulous way to start the day off.
what are the top songs on your morning metro/bus/car mix?
gah i can't wait until it's a little bit warmer, 
and i can run outside!

oh ps. the bracelet was part of a little box of jewelry my grandma gave me
while i was in high school. 
several years later i wear a lot more of the pieces than before 
all i ever used to wear was silver, but now gold seems to be what i go for.
my grandmother rode and jumped horses when she was my age and a bit younger,
and spent a lot of time around polo ponies.
i'm not sure if someone made or gave her the bracelet, 
but i always think of her when I wear it.

happy wednesday!



1 comment:

Stéphane Danré said...

I like your pony bracelet

food for thought.

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