Monday, February 21, 2011

a skeptical 21.

black shirt: banana republic
sweater: banana republic
denim skirt: old navy
scarf: gift from Mr. S.
belt: nooo idea
tights: also stumped.
boots: dsw

guys, i'm not sure about this outfit. 
it all started out with me wanting to wear these tights this morning.
i kinda constructed the outfit around them... 
i don't have much in my 30 for 30 that matches purple, 
so i went with the black shirt.
i didn't want to look all emo, so i went with the denim skirt instead of black.
then i added the scarf because it played up the purple in my tights.
then i threw on a sweater.

(guess i was in an experiment-y mood today!)
i did my hair quite differently than usual.
not sure how i felt about the braid headband.
why do some hairstyles look SO cute on other people,
and then once you try them, 
you feel like 5 year old Gretel from the Sound of Music,
and your boyfriend won't stop calling you Princess Leia?

oh well.

today i found the coziest little one room bookstore right by campus.
coolest place, i could have stayed there the whole afternoon.
i picked up some Freire and sat in a cafĂ© 
and tried to start one of my midterm papers on utilitarianism all afternoon.

how was your monday?




Lula said...

I really like the outfit! And whoa don't even get me started on that braid. How did you do it?! It looks so nice!

maggeygrace said...

I wish I had long hair still! Womp womp womp. So pretty! I love your scarf, too!

Genevieve said...

I was totally thinking of chopping my hair off. Now.....

Anonymous said...

Princess Leia comparisons beat the heck out wookiee references!

So what happened to the Boots: Rome ?


alli said...

Agreed, definitely prefer Leia.
And believe me, on day 31, I will be wearing ANY other shoes besides the four pairs i've been wearing for the past 22 days. Rome boots included.

food for thought.

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