Thursday, February 24, 2011

vingt quatre.

black shirt: banana republic
dress (worn as a skirt): pimpkie
GREEN tights: .....tights store
boots: dsw

wow. i'm so glad i'm closing my eyes in one of the pictures, 
and doing some sort of awkward nonchalant hair touch in the other one.
also glad i can make fun of myself in said poses.
moving on.

this week is so weird- it feels like it's both dragging on and slipping away all at the same time.
i think it's because there is NO ONE at work, and then i come home and avoid paper writing.
there is supposed to be a 15cm-80kph snowstorm moving in tonight....
which is good in a way, because i won't have any desire to leave the house tomorrow.
although i do want to get groceries and bake this and add sun-dried tomatoes and roasted chicken.  

how many of you take public transportation in the morning to get to campus/work?
i've come to love it (the mornings that i've had my coffee anyways) just for the people watching.
there were two of the cutest little old ladies on the bus this morning. i love it when their entire outfit is perfectly coordinated- hat, gloves, and long wool/fur coat. and they always seem to rock the red lipstick. awesome.  also, i'm pretty sure i saw the guy from those fisherman's friend cough drops packets.
at 9:30 in the morning. in montreal. on the 66 bus. yep.

any interesting ones on your morning/evening commute?
do you ever see the same people?




lins said...

Haha I love that you have a real-life fisherman's friend!

I actually saw the same person twice in one week on the métro - only noticeable because he was wearing his hat ridiculously high off his head (not fit tight) and carrying a scooter. I couldn't believe it when I saw him two days later in the same hat on a different line... so funny.

Robyn said...

Great boots, and I can sympathize with posing awkwardness. I always choose pics where I am looking at the floor. Why am I looking at the floor? I don't know.

food for thought.

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