Friday, February 11, 2011


dress: forever21
yellow cardigan: urban oufitters
gray tights: h&m
gray belt: etam
boots: uggs

i don't really like the flash in the first photo, 
but it helps to see the colors better in this outfit.
this is a wonderful summery dress,
but i feel like i wear it more in the winter than in the summer!

i'd stay and chat,
but i'm going to run out the door 
and mange some yummy indian food.
favorite way to spend a friday night!




Caity said...

How can you wear so many dresses when you live in the artic?!?! ah i would freeze. You look cute though :)

Stéphane Danré said...

Caity...your sister is craaaaazyy :-)

Other subject, I think you'll like this song Caity

alli said...

fleece tights, leg warmers and big scarves :)

Anonymous said...

Yo! You sick in bed with PJ's Saturday & Sunday?

Or was this just 30 for 11?


and, yes, it was low 60's & sun in SLC :-) Great flying weekend

Caity said...

love the song!

food for thought.

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