Saturday, February 19, 2011

cardigan dress. 19.

cardigan, wore as a dress: zara
striped shirt: h&m
tights: sears
belt: etam 
boots: dsw
necklace: silpada (gift)

1. i match the couch
2. yes i'm wearing a cardigan as a dress
3. two days in a row with no snow boots!
4. don't go see 'just go with it'. 
funny at moments, but unbelievably idiotic at others.
5. i had the laziest most fantastic day 

what are you doing with your saturday?




Anonymous said...

The couch matches you, not the other way around!


alli said...

that's right! i asked my subleter if he could re-upholster the couch before we moved in :)

food for thought.

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