Friday, February 4, 2011



sweater: urban outfitters
dress: dillards
tights: sears
leg warmers: madre-made (they're green)
boots: dsw

i'm slowly getting used to putting up daily pictures of myself, 
but not from 7:45 in the a.m.
also, i will get some shots with my whole body in them, including boots.

i had on a belt,
but then i took it off because i looked too dressy
for just work and the pool
(i went swimming!)
i spent the day calling a list of 100 or so 
quebecois and american publishing houses,
asking for contact info for book stock return requests.
it's officially easier to copy down email addresses in english than in quebecois.
but you already knew that, i'm guessing.
i got really got at saying,
euh, vous pouvez répéter, s'il vous plait?
also, the people in british columbia were extremely nice.
mental note to travel there some day.

then i came home,
watched the new episode of grey's anatomy,
cooked pizza,
opened a bottle of wine,
and watched 
the world is not enough.
when's the last time you saw that movie?!

we have had a couple of absolutely gorgeous, sunny (read: freezing)
days this week. 
tomorrow it's supposed to snow-
we're going to go on an adventure somewhere outside of montreal.
st hyacinthe?
st bruno?
some other saint-named city?

what's in store for your weekend?
someone want to knit me a fantabulous cowl 





Stylepint said...

Great mustard sweater! I think it looks better without the belt anyway. Good luck with the 30 for 30 challenge! =)

Alessandra said...

Love this outfit. You look lovely.

food for thought.

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