Sunday, February 27, 2011

25 & 26.

friday i stayed in all day,
writing, writing, writing
(and ardently trying to avoid procrastinating).
i went out to buy ingredients for ziti zucchini pasta,
ended up FORGETTING the ziti noodles,
substituting spaghetti, and adding in chicken and sundried tomatoes.
overall i'm gonna go ahead and declare it a success.

here's some pictures of the kitchen, and my excuse for an outfit photo :)

chambray shirt: lands end
jean leggings: gap


saturday we got up early and went to jean talon market- first time i'd been there. 
since it's the winter, most of it was inside- i can't wait to go in the summer months, where all the booths are outside and there's a lot more to look at!
we picked up some strawberries, artichokes, green beans, bananas, and some cheese.

after an afternoon of nail painting & pride and prejudice (can you tell i was in the need of some girly time?) we tried a new pub downtown.  we walked in during the 3rd period of the montreal-north carolina hockey game, and watched it until montreal's victory, 4-3. here are some pics that i took before we walked out the door.  even there was snow everywhere, i was determined to wear my boots, since i'm a little sick of my other 3 PAIRS of boots i've been allowed for the past month.

red plaid shirt: etam
yellow cardigan: urban outfitters
grey belt: etam
black jeans: forever 21
grey boots: dsw
blue scarf: street vendor in paris?

and there will most likely be an outfit post today too, but that would require me being in something else besides my pajamas..... which has not happened yet.

what did you do this weekend?
cook anything fun?




Genevieve said...

Mmmmmm shallllootttssss!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess I expected a market in Canada to have maple syrup and fireworks?


food for thought.

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