Sunday, February 6, 2011

six on sunday.

superbowl six:

sweater: banana republic
dress/tunic: h&m
tights: h&m

i promise, that if you could try on this sweater,
you would completely understand why i wore it
two days in a row. 
i'd probably wear it everyday of the week if i could.
(i wore it almost everyday of winter vacay after i got it for christmas!)

tonight we went to a crèpe party/superbowl bash
with some friends.
but since the majority of them were french, we didn't really watch the superbowl.
and the little we did watch was awful,
because turns out canadians... 
what's up with that, eh?
everyone knows that's the best part.
now i have to youtube to see what i missed out on.
which ones were your favorites?

in other news, 
it started snowing again tonight.
we've had a bit more than expected this weekend.
although it's a balmy 32 degrees,
which now feels like about 55, having been below 0 for so long!
i had to park my car in a snowbank today,
which was a little less than enjoyable.
those extra $$'s i pay for parking every month
have NEVER seemed so worth it.

ready for the week?
i..... might be by tomorrow morning.



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Anonymous said...

I'm starting to feel out of sync... isn't today Monday?


Sorry for just plain english

food for thought.

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