Saturday, February 5, 2011

give me five.

plaid lumberjack shirt: etam
amazing cozy sweater: banana republic (xmas gift)
black jeans: forever 21
salt stained boots: uggs

i knew that i wanted to wear this cozier than cozy sweater today,
and i wanted some color, so i paired it 
with my lumberjack shirt :)
i bought it while i was working in france,
and a friend i was living with at the time
pointed out it was a very american shirt.
(miss you jenny!)

we spent the day in st. hyacinthe, 
where stéphane spends his most of his week, working.
it has a cute little centre ville,
and we strolled to the cathedral 
to have a (freezing) picnic in the sun,
and take some pho-tos.
we walked around the cute little market, down to the semi-frozen river,
and stopped in at a cafe for cappucinos and lattes.

it was an absolutely beautiful day,
but now it's a rainy, snowy, windy dreadful night.
so we stayed in and watched goldfinger,
laughing at the (special) special effects and tip top technology.
seems as though this weekend is bond themed.
man with a golden gun tomorrow?

how was your samedi?




Genevieve said...

Yayyyy sunshine! And James Bond! I like Goldfinger, that's one of the best ones.... also like Goldeneye (Man with the Golden Gun is fun too...all the ones with Gold in the title!!!!!)

Notre samedi was amusant. We shopped for lunettes pour moi which will coute tres cher when I bite the bullet and fork over l'argent. Then tried to etudier les maths and went to l'eglise even though I am tres en colère avec eux. Then we went to a fete de diner chez amis, and ate authentic Hungarian dumplings, paprikash, cucumber salad, and swedish (?) crepes aux nutella et confit du framboises. My friend who est vendeuse du vin brought dix-sept bouteilles (half full leftover from a tasting) and so we all got to gouter!

Today I will etudier encore and go to un fete de super bowl. I might emporter mes devoirs because I am a big nerd with beaucoup de travail et un petit peu de temps.

Stéphane Danré said...

Me aussi, I like James Bond.
James Bond est too cool for école.

Et that's vrai, the effect speciaux are vraiment tip top. I Can't attendre to see, the prochain movie !

Have a bon sunday !

alli said...

lol. way to franglais it up there vous deux. i am so fiere. and you are a lucky canard, gen, that you got to déguster 17 bouteilles of wine!
stephane, YOU are trop cool for école.

Anonymous said...

en attente sur a little day 6 pics??? eh?

Stéphane Danré said...

Ah trop bad, no james bond for this soir. But sans doubt, we'll verrons certainly an autre James bond tomorrow.

Finaly it était a good fin de de semaine and the temps was reellement warm !

Genevieve said...

is there a way i can get une notification electronique when quelqu'un writes a response? that would be tres chouette!

vous me manquez and je veux visitez when the temps will be trop chaud ici but parfaite in the nord. i want to voir the auroroa borealis, est-ce que c'est possible chez vous?

food for thought.

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