Wednesday, February 9, 2011


awkward close-up of my tights.

gray dress: etam
red cardigan: zara
tights: h&m
belt: flea market find
leg warmers: target
boots: dsw

i've worn a similar outfit to this one before,
but i've never paired it with these tights, 
thought i'd change it up a bit.

i love this belt,
i like to think of it as my parachuter belt.
must have been a pretty skinny parachuter though-
i'm pretty sure it won't fit around my hips!

it was pretty freezing here today.
honestly though, i don't mind the cold,
or even the snow,
but i am DONE lugging around this huge winter coat,
and putting on and taking off
scarf, hat, mittens, etc.
constantly. it's driving me nuts!
something's telling me, we've got awhilllle to go.

lots of thesis topics spinning around my head lately,
which is exciting and overwhelming all at once. 

almost the weekend!
how was your wednesday?




Katie said...

Cute outfit!

Brittney said...

you look great! the texture in your outfit is awesome, i especially love that belt. oooh, and your tights. loooove the tights.
-brittney (fellow remixer)

food for thought.

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