Tuesday, February 1, 2011

day 1.

Day 1:
sweater: urban outfitters
t shirt: h&m
jeans: gap
leg warmers: target
boots: dsw
scarf: vintage from madre

day one. 
you know it was really hard to make the first choice!
i have a bunch of outfits semi-lined-up in my imagination,
but i don't want to go through the coolest ones 
all at the beginning! 

fyi i felt extremely awkward posing.
and pretty much laughed the whole time.
perhaps i'll share some of the out-takes sometime-
i have a feeling there's going to be a lot of them over the next month.

i'm glad i threw on the wool socks and leg warmers,
and i think tomorrow it's going to be snow boots,
with the storm coming in 
(i'll believe the 10 cm of forecasted snow when i see them)
((just to clarify, that is NOT me taunting you, universe)).

à demain!



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