Wednesday, February 2, 2011

day 2.

sweater: zara
striped shirt: h&m
black skirt: old navy?
amazing fleece lined tights: sears?
boots: uggs

sooooo i was going to get up this morning, pack my gym bag and go before class.....
and then i sloowwly lost my motivation,
while looking at the snow accumulate outside my bedroom window.

so i decided to stay in, finish some reading,
and head to class in the afternoon.
why am i not wearing pants, you ask?
(when the windchill is well below zero...)
well, those aren't just any tights.
i should have bought 4 pairs of those babies, they're amazing.
i wish i remember what brand they are-
everyone go to sears and try to find them.
btw that's the most random place to buy tights, i'm aware of it.

wednesday nights have been kind of funky for me recently.
i have i class every wednesday where we read and discuss
pretty provocative, politically and emotionally charged issues.
globalization, the wto, native populations getting decimated and ignored.
fights over drilling oil, islamophobia, etc. 

it's a lot to take in, and i come home emotionally drained and exhausted.
my classes are challenging in a good way, but i just feel like the processing is hard,
and that the discussion is always cut a bit short.  
so.... glad i'll have thursday and friday to decompress a bit.

how was your wednesday?



1 comment:

Genevieve said...

I love the combo of red and b/w stripes. We must have been on the same wavelength because I wore a short red cardigan with a graphic t-shirt of a zebra the other day! But I wore jeans. I think it is so cool that you are doing this 30 for 30 project. Your class sounds interesting, too.... so different from my experience right now, which is very much theoretical and is pushing my non-verbal (ie. symbolic/mathematical) communication skills to the limit. Also, I love/covet your boots!

food for thought.

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