Thursday, February 3, 2011

day trois.

outfit numero 3.
denim shirt: lands end
wool sweater: camaieu
black jeans: forever 21
boots: uggs
pearl bracelets: xmas present

ok. there's a pretty good reason why i look sans caffeine in these photos.
i took them this morning before i left for work,
and i'm pretty sure i was still waking up.
so now you know what my apartment looks like with the little natural light in the mornings.
NOT ENOUGH though. sigh.

next time i'll try and take photos a bit closer up,
and perhaps even without the coffee mug hogging the frame. 
i'm a picture pro, obvi.

i'm glad i took the photos in the morning too,
because i am currently sitting in gym clothes and slippers. 
funny story-
after work i went to the gym and ran for awhile and then went to use one of the stationary bikes.
except the bike was so not on my team today.
i was trying for a solid minute (which feels like forever when you KNOW everyone and their brother on the 64 other treadmills are staring at you)
to try to get my foot into the little pedal case thing.
it kept turning around and making things really difficult. 
i kept thinking, ok i should just walk away now...
but how do you walk away when you know everyone realizes you 
couldn't get your stupid foot in the bike pedal?
and then when i FINALLY managed,
i got on the bike and it was a certain type of bike, 
where you adjust the resistance manually, ya know?
except i couldn't adjust it because 
a) i couldn't figure out how the hell one adjusts it,
and b) when i finally had a notion of how, 
I realized it was stuck in the lowest resistance ever.
the knob was NOT moving.
so imagine me there, feet stuck in the pedal cages,
pedaling way faster than i should be,
like a kid on a bike that's way too small for them. 
it was awkward, to say the least.

luckily the guy behind me on the bike that i usually use,
finished 3 minutes later,
so i just casually pretended i was waiting for that bike,
and made a (not-so) smooth transition.

AH. i'm just excited tomorra is FRIDAY.
glass of red wine and 
saturday sleep in,
can't WAIT till you get here!

any other awkward gym moments out there? 




Kathrine said...

:))) Gyms are weird places, really.
I once sat on this chest press machines they have, right after a, lets say, mature lady finished her repeats. Well, I couldn't lift the weight she had set one inch. At. All. Me being a runner AND younger. Awwkwwward...

coldog said...

i was playing pick up basketball in the gym and i missed a wide open layup. my team lost by 1. it was bad. also i had to play without socks.

alli said...

i find those hilarious. and colin, why were you not wearing socks? nast.

Genevieve said...

I've done the one where you are listening to / watching something hilarious and start to awkwardly laugh at something no one else can see/hear and almost fall off the machine. But that miiiight have been because someone suggested I listen to a certain podcasat...

alli said...

hahaha. yea as an afterthought i guess david sedaris and treadmills don't go too well together :)

food for thought.

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