Wednesday, February 16, 2011

seize. (the day).

black jeans: forever 21
white tshirt: h&m
blazer: express
leg warmers: target
boots: dsw
bracelet: gift
scarf: vintage from momma.

today i was feeling pretty plane jane. 
i wanted something put together, but simple.
i felt a little too suit-like with the black blazer and pants,
so i threw in my trusty leg warmers and a colorful scarf to break it up a bit.
and a lovely pink/orange bracelet!

wednesday is my two class day.
the conversations are so different in both the classes,
and today i found it difficult to switch modes.
still some really interesting conversations though.
all about disappearing childhood and feminine struggles around the world.
well, i said interesting, but certainly not light.

today i bought new nail polish for the first time in like.... maybe ever.
usually i just steal my sister's, but living on the other side of north america...
well you can see how that would complicate things.
maybe i'll give you a peek tomorrow!

how has your wednesday been?




Sarah said...

Cute look! I love your scarf. IT really adds some color. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

haha thats right. no more stealing my nail polish!! :)

food for thought.

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