Monday, February 7, 2011


version 1.

version 2.


gray sweater: etam
white t shirt: h&m
black jeans: forever 21
scarf: people of europe?
slippers!: no idea. but they're cozy.

i had two versions of my outfit today.
since all the buildings i was in seemed to be stifling today,
i kept it simple with my t-shirt,
 and added my scarf/sweater to remind myself it is indeed february
(not like i need something besides the snow falling all day).

i felt like it was an extremely simple outfit
-though one that i wear variations of ALL the time-
so i threw a pretty red necklace
i got for christmas.
annnnd i was too lazy to put my boots back on,
so just imagine my feet in them :)

today was looong. 
i worked in a different section at work today,
so i was a little disoriented with strange questions being thrown at me.
and there seemed to be two speeds: absolutely dead, and absolutely packed.
aren't mondays always like that though?

how was your monday?



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