Monday, February 14, 2011

be my valentine. 14.

floral dress: pimkie
red cardigan: zara
tights: old navy
boots: ...

happy valentine's day!
today was spent not-getting-enough-work-done,
and soon i'm off to class. 
the rest of my week is going to be quite busy, 
so it was nice to have a quiet day,
but i have a lot more to do!

we celebrated valentine's day a little early,
and this is what i was spoiled with!

ever heard of smart box?
there are several themes (serenity, adventure, dining, etc).
you choose whatever price range you're willing to spend,
and you get a gift card and guide.
the person who gets the gift can look through the guide and decide what 
they want to spend their gift on-
each spa has a different package.
so sometime next week, i'll be getting 
a facial, a massage, a manicure or a pedicure,
or some combination of all those!

best gift ever,
i'm so lucky 




Annie said...

i love these pictures, alli! and the pimkie shout out... :) the soldes just ended and i walked away with a dress for the summer, a new pair of jeans, and a pair of tights so i can wear the summer dress now in the freezing cold :) miss you! -annie

Caity said...

lucky duck....robbie needs to learn some gift giving ideas from stephane! hahaha. no jk he is good, but still i would kill for a smart box today!

alli said...

um as i recall there was a nice bunch of roses waiting for you when you woke up! stephane doesn't believe in buying flowers :)

food for thought.

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