Sunday, February 13, 2011

double trouble.


sweater: banana republic
shirt: forever 21
black jeans: forever 21
belt: forever 21
boots: dsw

well, i gave in to a lazy saturday, and didn't post pictures.
actually, in all honesty it wasn't all that lazy.
i went to an annual general meeting for a place i volunteer with,
did the grocery shopping for the week,
made dinner (raclette!!) and watched 
diamonds are forever.
but by the time it got around to posting, i was wiped out.
ps diamonds are forever is kind of all over the place.
and the two bad guys/creepers were definitely that. creepy.


i included this one so you could see the snow outside!

striped shirt: h&m
wool sweater: camaieu
shorts: jcrew
tights: h&m

so i tried out the shorts and tights look.
it felt kind of weird at first, but i think i like it!
it helps that the tights are so comfy and warm :)
in my head, i had imagined the outfit with a black shirt,
but this shirt and sweater popped out at me when i was getting dressed,
so i went with it!

today was day 2 of sleeping in 
got some schoolwork done this morning
and then went to go see 
'no strings attached'.
it was pretty good, slow at times, but good.

it snowed a bit this afternoon- 
when we got out of the movie 
the ground was completely covered. 

anybody celebrating valentine's day tomorrow?
we celebrated early, since i'll be in class until 9 tomorrow.
i'll show you what i got tomorrow!



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looking good Al! Now I can go to bed without worrying what day it is. All caught up.

Colors sure change with the close-ups.

Sorry about the snow.


food for thought.

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